Any hiking horror stories? 👻

I can’t really say I’ve had any but friends have told me about some spooky happenings on the trail. I love hearing these stories - ideally around a camp fire :smiley:

Anyone got a story to share?

Not sure if it counts as a typical horror story but a few years ago, a couple of friends and I went for an overnight hike in Victoria, Australia. The hike was beautiful with some gorgeous beaches along the way. Unfortunately though, our group had seriously underestimated how much water we’d need to bring.

On the second morning we had completely run out of all liquids and were getting seriously thirsty. After walking all day with no water, we finally came across a flowing river some time in the afternoon. But! As we went to fill our bottles up we noticed a sign that said “Please Note: Water may not be fit for drinking”.

We all looked at each other wondering what we should do. We were all pretty desperate. After a quick chat we ended up deciding to balance the risks of dehydration against getting sick from the water and opted to just drink as little as possible - just enough to keep us from becoming dehydrated.

After a few more hours of hiking we had each drank about 500ml but we had managed to finish the hike without shriveling up into dried apricots.

Anyway, on the way home we decided to enjoy a nice big pub meal (chips, schnitzles, burgers, etc). At some point during this meal, one of our friends snuck off to the restroom. We were all having a laugh about how stupid we were to not pack enough water when our friend came back looking like he’d seen a ghost. We asked what was wrong and he told us he had just pee’d solid blood-red liquid for about 30 seconds in the men’s room. Our faces dropped. Needless to say, we all drank as much water as possible to try and flush out whatever we had been drinking before.

To our surprise though, not a single other person pee’d red that night. Our friend also had no further issues over the next few days. We were stumped.

Turns out our friend had just eaten a beetroot sandwich which, when you’re exceptionally dehydrated, makes your pee turn super red.


haha oh my god! my face was pure horror when you said he pee’d pure red. glad he was ok! :sweat_smile: