📷 Does anyone here film their hikes? Got any footage to share?

I would like to film a bit more of my hiking but I always find it too much of a hassle when I’m actually on a hike. Does anybody here film their hikes? Any particular gear that you’re using?

Hey Oz, I’ve considered this recently as well. I see a lot of trail runners doing this. Would you prefer something mounted on your head or handheld to have yourself in it?
I reckon more of a mounted GoPro or an equivalent

It’s a tough one. My favourite videos to watch are the ones where the camera is mounted and the hiker is in the shot (like this). I like to see what they’re wearing, how they walk and how they are relating to their environment which I don’t get from the first-person view videos.

That said, it does seem like a massive pain to have to mount your camera, walk by it and then walk back to collect the camera.

I might give it a go on a shorter day hike with my Iphone once the lockdown has ended…