📷 Does anyone here film their hikes? Got any footage to share?

I would like to film a bit more of my hiking but I always find it too much of a hassle when I’m actually on a hike. Does anybody here film their hikes? Any particular gear that you’re using?

Hey Oz, I’ve considered this recently as well. I see a lot of trail runners doing this. Would you prefer something mounted on your head or handheld to have yourself in it?
I reckon more of a mounted GoPro or an equivalent

It’s a tough one. My favourite videos to watch are the ones where the camera is mounted and the hiker is in the shot (like this). I like to see what they’re wearing, how they walk and how they are relating to their environment which I don’t get from the first-person view videos.

That said, it does seem like a massive pain to have to mount your camera, walk by it and then walk back to collect the camera.

I might give it a go on a shorter day hike with my Iphone once the lockdown has ended…

Given the current state of tech – battery storage and data storage needed to record even a short video – I don’t see this as being very likely for a long hike, much less using a drone, like he Skydio or a DJI. My Mavic Air 2 can follow me as I walk along but only 30 min/battery charge.

Instead I take a lot of photos and, at least on one of my hikes, the Haute Route, my 4k photos had gps tracking for every one. Lightroom will pull a map showing all your photos on the map which is cool. I’ve also linked up to OpenStreetMaps on my website so I can show a photo and a map and say I this photo while I was standing at this point and looking at that glacier.

Just my 1 cent.

I find drones cumbersome but do enjoy taking night shots! I use a Sony a6000 for photos and you can change the lens so I have a wide angle for night skies and landscapes, but also a regular 18-55 lens for anything else like campire fun or walking shots. I wear it on the outside. I also carry a mini tripod that is super light (it was a gift so not sure the brand) so I can take low light photos.

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I confess to carrying several lenses when hiking with my dslr (recently replaced by a mirrorless). And yes, night shots are wonderful.

I have recently started using s/w to stitch photos together (both Lightroom and Microsoft’s ICE, each has its strengths) so I’m thinking for pure landscapes maybe I don’t need to carry a super wide angle. I’ve gone back to old photo sets from hikes and found I could stitch photos into panoramas that I’d not planned for at the time. They are like new photos to me! Doesn’t always work but more often than not it works well enough.

Here’s an example, two photos stitched (and shrunk for the web) from Switzerland, the leg between Col de Louvie and Col de Prafleuri. (Sorry if this doesn’t work, experimenting here). And then I’ve a map pulled from openstreetmap.

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