Favorite hiking or nature literature

What are some of your favorite books about escaping into the wilderness, the value of nature, hiking, etc.?

A few of my favorites: Desert Solitare by Edward Abbey, and Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.

It isn’t exactly related to hiking but reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall really inspired me to go out into nature more often.

It’s about ultra-running (which I suppose isn’t too far off from thru hiking) and makes a case for why humans were built for long-distance activities. I’m sure many have read it already, but for anyone who hasn’t, it’s really interesting and engaging. I recommend it :slight_smile:

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A walk in the woods. Excellent and really funny book. Movie is also great.


I forgot it’s a movie! Thanks for mentioning — going to watch that soon.

I have a few friends that love this book. I’ve volunteered at several 50k and 100k ultras and this book appeared to be their Bible!

Related to this book/ultra running, this podcast on how we evolved to run / why we have butts haha. Super fascinating! ‎Radiolab: Man Against Horse on Apple Podcasts

Adding Born to Run to the list!

Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, Robert Macfarlane’s The Wild Places and Jini Reddy’s Wanderland


this podcast on how we evolved to run / why we have butts

I feel like I am the exact target audience for this haha I love learning about stuff like that. Added to my list - thanks :slight_smile:

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