How do you navigate on the trail?

So far, I’ve either used my phone (and the OS map application) or physical maps. I’m curious about how others go about navigating their trails.

Getting lost isn’t all bad, I don’t mean any irony here.

Trails are usually man made and are easy to see. It’s hard or impossible to get through wild terrain in southernish latitudes.

Gas stations near them may have guides/maps, or even monasteries, for instance, in Romania.

Gpes suck since they divert your attention.

I think finding your way is part of the fun.

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I always use my Garmin Fenix watch. It uses gps and has a full map of Europe on it. It’s also possible to download your trip to it as a gpx file and it will navigate you along it. On Corsica this saved us a few times at places where there was no clear way and we would have had to go back otherwise.
Another nice feature is its barometric pressure sensor which can alert you when a thunderstorm is coming.
It comes at a rather high price but in my option it’s worth it when you are hiking in rough terrain without clear paths :slight_smile:

Regards, Dorian


Originally it was of course paper maps.

Then I added a rugged and waterproof Garmin gps to the paper maps. I also often wore a Sunto watch that showed altitude.

But now I load up my phone with Ulmon’s CityMapsToGo. It has most major trails and even many small ones and it shows altitude. It’s not rugged though and it doesn’t last long on a charge.

But I always bring a paper map and compass, too. Electronic things can fail.

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