How do you train / stay fit for hiking? 💪

Do you have a particular routine that you follow? Any recommended exercises?

I think cross-training with biking and deadlifts when you’re not on the trail is essential, esp if you’ve ever had any pain in your knees. Thru hiking, esp with a heavy pack, puts tons of stress on your knees, and the best way to relieve stress on the joint is to build muscle around it. Strengthening hamstrings, glutes, and lower back (“rear train”) all help relieve stress on your hips and knees.

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Yeah for me as well. I am doing a lot of body tension exercises while home and during hikes I focus on my feet bc after some time I am walking too much on the front part.
Additionally I am doing daily meditations which help my lower back and my mental state. Helps me to direct more attention to my surroundings and nature.

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For me, core and glute strength definitely have the biggest impact on how comfortably I can do a long hike. I don’t really do any hiking specific training but my schedule looks something like this:

Sunday: Deadlifts, banded crab walks and glute bridges
Monday: Gymnastic rings (currently working on increasing muscle ups - I’m at 3 consecutive ones) + core work (planks/side planks)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Squats + lunges + banded crab walks
Thursday: Gymnastic rings (same as above)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: usually a long walk, between 10-20k

Alongside these, I swing rope and try to walk 5-10k per day.

Although the routine isn’t bad, it’s clearly missing an aerobic element so I would like to switch it up a bit this year. Running aggravates my bad hip but I’m thinking of trying to built that up. Cycling isn’t a great option in London, but I am also considering getting one of those indoor bikes.